5 in 1 Riababy Wooden Indoor Playhouse

For Unforgettable Moments

Riababy is a kids brand that inspires and developes individualaility and rewards curiosity. Riababy is a prestigious and unique kids products brand across several categories. Designed and tested right here in Australia.

Riababy The Ultimate Playhouse
5 in 1 Riababy Wooden Indoor Playhouse

  • Slide
  • Climbing Ramp
  • Monkey Bars
  • Gym Rings
  • Hammock
  • Swing (Extra)
  • Glamping Tent(Extra)
  • Drawing Board (Extra)
  • Playmat 2.0 x 1.8M (Extra)

It is a complete Indoor Play center for all kids to enjoy. It only takes 1.5 square meters in space. The weight limit is 200kg so you can play with your kids too. Recommended Age over 18 months.

Wouldn’t that be nice to have an amazing indoor play area for your kids. It is a space for your littles ones to enjoy their own adventure while outside is wet or dark.

Or your 3 year old needs to burn energy when your 6 months old need a nap.

Riababy 5 in 1 Wooden Indoor Playhouse Have it All!

It is compact enough as it only takes 1.5 square metres and big enough for kids to play together (maximum weight limit 200kg),

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Why Riababy playhouse is the best choice for Kids Gym Australia

Riababy is compact in size. It only takes up to 1.5 square meters of space. When you buy Kids Gym, the first thing that comes to your mind is the quality of the product. Riababy Playhouse uses natural non-toxic material, so it has zero risk on your kids’ health.

Riababy Playhouse has a basic package which comes with Gym Ring, Ladder, Climbing Net, Swing, Slide which also convert to a table. Additional accessories like a double sided magnetic drawing board can be purchased separately so this can be a place to learn with your kids too.

Maximum weight is 200kg so you can play with your kid or invite more little friends to play together. Riababy Playhouse is the best choice if you are looking to buy kids gym Australia.

Why indoor play gym is a popular choice

Indoor kids gym has become a popular choice since the recent covic-19 pandemic started. 

For a little while, local parks are prohibited because of the spreading of virus. A few local transmitted cases were linked to children playing in local parks. Despite weather issues, having a play gym at home has become so popular and important to ensure your kids get enough exercise everyday.

No more changing clothes or dirty dusts and sand, your kid can enjoy playing, learning, exercising at home on RiaBaby Playhouse. The reward design of Riababy Playhouse is compact and built with natural material.

During those wet days and days when your infant needs to sleep, a play gym at home is a popular choice to make sure you can “walk” your elder child to burn their energy in “park” as well as take care of your infant and houseworks all at the same time.

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